Team Building

What is team building?

At Brightstone we have a fantastic team. We have a core team and work regularly with a network of reliable, trusted associates. We work well together because we have fun doing what we do. We trust one another and we have respect for each other. We share opinions and make decisions together. If there are problems we talk about it. All in all, we love what we do so, when we work with other people or organisations, we can shine a light and bring your teams together too.

Richard has delivered a high number of team events with various organisations and services and continually get repeat business through word-of-mouth success stories.

Easy as one, two, three…

There are three approaches to team building events/ programmes that will help make the changes or promote the performance improvement you desire.

The first and most obvious approach to team building is to organise a day out. This could be anything from taking your team to the Brecon Beacons and standing behind a waterfall at midnight to simply having a team photograph taken in front of the Palace Pier in Brighton. The second approach is to look at the direction of travel of your team. If you make this your option, then Brightstone will take you on a voyage of discovery on which you’ll find out the things that are going well, where you need to improve and the challenges you face together as a team. A team event can then be built especially around you and your specific needs. The third possibility for team building is to take a high-performing team on an event where they will be stretched so we can identify their strengths and gaps. Ultimately, we can make a plan of action to close those gaps and sustain high performance. We typically find that many clients prefer the second approach as it blends business, focus and fun. However, we can create any team building event that you have in mind – let us know what you want and we can deliver it for you.

Brightstone works closely with you to ensure that the topics covered are those which really create the biggest impact on your team. We go out of our way to make the content and approach inspirational, making learning thought provoking as well as effective; facilitative and interactive, not directive. Our events will involve games, discussions and exercises. This enables individuals to challenge each other in a safe environment. Time is always built in to allow the team to absorb and reflect on the learning experience and create an action plan for the future.

Who are Team Events for?

Anyone in a team!

What are the benefits of undertaking team-building events?

  • Facing into challenges and getting the team to agree the way forward.

  • There’s the opportunity to bond as a team – this is the perfect time to network and find out what everyone else does – discover someone’s hidden strengths and what makes them tick, find out your own hidden strengths and what makes you tick! We promise you’ll work better as a team when you understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, interests and attitude.

  • Rediscover how creative you can be as a team. Have fun bouncing new ideas off each other. We promise you’ll come back with more interest, inspiration, innovation and ideas – the I’s have it again!

  • Team spirit is renewed and motivation is fired up.There’s nothing like a little competition to get the juices flowing! It’s great to be part of an activity where you get to cheer each other on and rediscover the fun of winning.

  • Your team feels cherished. When you’ve done something fantastic for them, we guarantee they will up their game in the workplace!

“We treat our people like royalty. If you honor and serve the people who work for you, they will honor and serve you.”

Mary Kay Ash, Mary Kay

What is a typical programme?

We meet the client first and establish what they are looking for. This initial step is free and helps us find out what you need.

To ensure we clearly understand what the team would like from the team-building event, we start by developing a relationship with the team by conducting a series of meetings. These meetings scheduled with the budget holder (individually) and team (individually or in small focus groups) will be to understand:

  • Team values and culture
  • Key roles and responsibilities
  • Current team strengths
  • Key areas of development as a team
  • Key topics they’d like to include in the workshop

Brightstone then designs an event in partnership with the organisation. The output from the design typically includes the following:

  • An invite, including pre-event thinking
  • A workbook
  • A quick timings guide
  • A slide show
Brightstone delivers a team event on or offsite with the team.

Success Story

Making positive changes for a Local Authority

Making positive changes for the Libraries Service One of Brightstone’s best moments was when they worked with Sally McMahon, Head of Service for the Libraries Services for Brighton and Hove City Council. [...]

But don’t take our word for it…

“Our experience of working with Brightstone has been overwhelmingly positive. The programme covered some difficult issues and was delivered in a very sensitive and considerate way.

Overall, it has been a very different training experience – we have come back to learn again and again, and feel confident that the development has taken a firm hold within our service.”

Sally McMahon, Head of Service