Meet the team

Richard DunstanExecutive Coach & Founder of Brightstone
Richard was born in Brighton and has a deep love of his home town. He also has a great passion for his work which often takes him further afield. Richard’s first job was on the waltzers on the Palace Pier on Brighton seafront. He’s come along way since then; after a stint at the University of Sunderland he has risen through the ranks of the consultancy world to become the director of his own organisation, Brightstone in 2007. Previous to this Richard worked with Blue Sky Consulting, SITEL and SITEL Consulting. When he isn’t working you’ll find him on the Sussex Downs walking the dog or playing football with his boys near the beach.

Richard’s areas of expertise:

  • Performance Improvement
  • Management Consulting
  • Management Development
  • Change Management
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Culture Change
Miles Jowett
Miles JowettOperational Consultant and Coach
A specialist in all aspects of operational performance improvement through increased knowledge, skill and behavioural awareness. Personal experience ranges from being on the frontline performing customer/client communication, to managing a team of frontline staff, right through to managing a whole business unit.
Liz Hughes
Liz HughesConsultant and Coach
Liz loves working with people and gets genuinely excited when people feel confident and achieve their goals. She strongly believes that people have what they need to change within themselves – her job is to enable them to make the changes. Liz has a Bsc from the University of Plymouth and is a qualified NLP Practitioner. Her experience as a consultant and director of her own businesses means she knows loads about leadership skills and culture change.
Trish Carey
Trish CareyPerformance Improvement Consultant
Trish is a Kiwi and proud. Educated at the University of Waikato and the University of Auckland, Trish is the business when it comes to management and direct marketing matters. She has worked her way from sales manager at Telecom Corporation of New Zealand to managing consultant at Blue Sky. When she isn’t working with Brightstone clients she’s busy with her family and walking the dogs.