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Leadership and Management Matters

The need for brilliant and resilient staff has never been greater. However, in the UK staff engagement is declining and it’s estimated that only half of employees have faith in their senior leaders. These are problems that Brightstone can help you solve. Just when you think you are falling we will be there to help you, your team and your organisation improve performance. With our excellent services and coaching we will fly together.

Integrity is important but so is fun!

At its simplest level, it’s human behaviour that drives results. If you need to improve results, you need to change what people are doing and sometimes that includes ourselves. It isn’t easy to admit you need to change. Our expert advice, management training, coaching (whether that’s 1.1 or group coaching) or any of the services we offer to improve performance will bring about the changes you need. Richard and the team are people people and will soon put you at ease. Brightstone is approachable and friendly but that does not take away from the integrity of what we do. We provide regular, honest and appropriate feedback to the client throughout each project. At the same time, we try to make the experience fun – our team understands that keeping the client happy and amused is a sure way of engaging them and that is the best way of getting results!

How do we improve performance?

How do we get ourselves, our teams and our leaders to do less of the bad stuff and more of the good? The simple truth – we change our behaviour.

“We understand human behaviour –
results come from changing what we consistently do.”

Richard Dunstan, Brightstone

The Brightstone promise

We are focused on results. We want you to develop your full potential. And, we want you to feel satisfied you got a return on your investment. That is why, we promise to be with you, your organisation and its people as they grow and become even better than they already are. Nothing thrills us more than seeing you soar.

Ready to fly? Let us show you how …

To solve your problems and make your life better we need to discover the reason you are looking for outside intervention. We need to find out exactly what is keeping you awake at night.

  • “My team are not hitting their targets!”
  • “We’ve blown the budget AGAIN…”
  • “Those shareholders are going to blow when I tell them about performance this quarter…”
  • “What can I do to boost customer satisfaction?”
  • “How can I make my staff happy again?”
  • “Will I ever see a return on investment?”

Our step-by-step approach

Initial telephone/e-mail conversation to find out your needs followed by a face-to-face meeting to discuss the subject in further depth.

The successful design and delivery of a bespoke Change and Performance Improvement Programme requires a clear understanding of strengths and development areas linked to mindset, skills and knowledge required to be effective. Throughout this period we conduct a series of 1:1 meetings, focus groups, observation of front line staff, managers and senior managers in action and send out questionnaires to relevant people. This familiarisation process is vital as we form relationships with you and your team. It also enables you to add your input which ensures that the programme is aligned to your vision and strategy.

We draft a report which presents your strengths and areas to improve. We meet again to share these findings and provide recommendations for programme content. Finally, we agree a communications strategy.

Working in partnership with you, we agree the programme’s aims and objectives, its success criteria and its core content. We create lesson plans, workbooks, hand-outs and other literature you require – everything we do is created especially for you with your individual situation in mind.

Again, working together with you we deliver a series of workshops

We follow the implementation stage with with training programmes to truly ensure that the learning is embedded. Follow up observation and 1:1 coaching and feedback is given at all levels.

A final chance to highlight the success of the programme and how we may help in the future.

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