Sales Training

What is sales skills training?

To many people ‘sales’ is a dirty word! They think of annoying cold calls or pushy sales people trying to talk them into something they don’t need or want. And, if a customer feels that they’ve been manipulated into buying something they don’t actually want then they are unlikely to go back for more.

So, poor selling reduces customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and ultimately costs a company money.

Who is sales skills training for?

Brightstone’s bespoke sales training programmes are for managers and frontline sales staff. Whether you’re a sole trader, a small business or a major organisation then we can tailormake a plan for you. At Brightstone, we love working with people who are passionate about performance improvement and we are there to help you make the changes every step of the way…

Reasons for organisations seeking out sales skills programmes are:

  • Poor conversion rates

  • Revenue and profit have gone down

  • High customer churn

  • Quality standards aren’t being reached

  • Staff morale is low

What are the benefits of undertaking training in sales skills?

  • Increased revenue and profit

  • Improved sales conversion

  • Better customer service

  • Greater understanding of the links between customer service and sales

  • Greater understanding of what makes a customer buy – the psychology of buying and selling

  • Improved understanding of how to upsell, cross-selling and onselling to other products

Mirror magic

Richard and the team at Brightstone have everything it takes to support you and your teams through the positive change of mindset, increased knowledge and development of sales skills. Our job is to hold up a mirror so you can understand the impact of your behaviour on others. We want you to succeed so we are honest and open in our approach. It’s a method that works and we know you’ll reap the rewards and see a return on your investment.

“What we dwell on is who we become.”

Oprah Winfrey

What is a typical programme?

All our programmes differ according to the needs and wants of the organisation and the output of the review/ familiarisation event. Our design is bespoke for clients – we don’t just pull training off the shelf because one size certainly doesn’t fit all. We listen to our clients to truly identify what it is they need and if we don’t think it’s right, we’ll tell them!

We meet the client first and establish what success looks like for them from a Sales Through Service Programme. This initial step is free and helps us to find out what you need.

Conduct a review – we meet with management and sales staff across the business/department on a 1:1 or focus group basis. Next, we observe staff in their workplace as they interact face-to-face, via email or over the phone.

Then, we share a presentation/report which highlights strengths and development areas with recommendations for the programme

Design a programme in partnership with the client. This could be a complete management training programme lasting between 1 day to a week or a series of 1, 2 or day ‘modular’ events taking place over a 6 month period with pre and post event work, a peer to peer/buddy meetings, presentations a end of programme summit events.

Typically we also provide recommendations to develop the management team support and sustain the development of their staff through upskilling them in performance management and coaching service improvement.

Content typically includes:

  • The psychology of sales
  • Why do people buy
  • Core Communication Skills – the power of questions, deep listening, building rapport and empathy, handling challenging conversations
  • Features and benefits – the cornerstone of sales
  • Handling objections
  • Structuring a dialogue
  • Practicing skills throughout

Review and measure success.

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But don’t take our word for it…

“Our experience of working with Brightstone has been overwhelmingly positive. The programme covered some difficult issues and was delivered in a very sensitive and considerate way.

Overall, it has been a very different training experience – we have come back to learn again and again, and feel confident that the development has taken a firm hold within our service.”

Sally McMahon, Head of Service