Project Description

Serving Up Success with Legal & General

Brightstone Success Story: Legal & General

Brightstone is focused on getting fantastic results. We are keen to achieve results with and through the people we work with. We like to keep everything clear and simple so that we can empower others to change. With all our programmes, whether it’s a cultural change programme or a performance improvement programme, we recommend coaching. One of our most successful cases was with the insurance company Legal and General and its Protection New and Existing Business Operations in Hove and Cardiff. This department was responsible for servicing the requests and enquiries from financial advisors on new business products.

Expert executive coaching

Richard and the Brightstone team were asked to design and deliver a coaching programme for two directors, 14 customer service managers, 41 team managers, 13 trainers and 12 quality managers (a total of 82 managers). The key aim of the programme was to help develop the mindset, skills and knowledge of the managers and increase the volume and quality of coaching. Part of the challenge for us was that the programme was aligned to the cultural change programme being implemented at the same time.   

The Brightstone approach

Brightstone took its 5-stage approach. This started with the familiarisation process then the design of the programme in partnership with Legal and General. Next, we delivered the bespoke Coaching Development Programme which included coaching skills for all and  ‘coach the coach’ skills for all senior managers to maintain momentum. Follow-up support included one-to-one observation and feedback to all the managers. The final stage was the measurement of success. We recognised that value for money and return on investment was a key driver for this programme. Luckily, we measured improvements across the board:

The results

  • Improved customer satisfaction by 15%

  • Improved staff satisfaction by 20%

  • Improved quality scores – 80% of call quality scores improved month on month over a 12-month period

  • Improvement in individual performance measures – all line managers were delivering monthly coaching sessions

But don’t take our word for it…

All 84 staff from Legal and General attending were asked to complete feedback forms after the event. Here are some of our favourite quotes:

“Refreshed some previous knowledge and learnt new tools (ESP) which are easy to integrate into my existing way of coaching.”

“Couldn’t have been more passionate or knowledgeable. I can’t compliment enough. Best course I’ve ever been on and I am very excited about applying these tools – thank you Richard!”

“It highlighted the importance of coaching but more importantly the impacts of my actions, for example using an appropriate environment for feedback or not being overly direct.”

Staff members, Legal & General