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Who are Brightstone?

Brightstone is a consultancy specialising in performance improvement and change management. The owner and founder of the company is Richard Dunstan who has got together a small team of like-minded, experienced individuals to form this friendly and hands-on company. Richard is a Brightonian born and bred and kicked off his career spinning the waltzers on the Palace Pier. Since then, he has been around the world and worked in management, operational and training roles. Over twenty years of experience means he understands the internal challenges facing many different clients and their organisations. Richard is also a family man and anyone who works with him can’t help enjoying his humour, warmth and wealth of knowledge and personal experiences.

Choose us for Change Management

Everything Brightstone does is to drive results. We want you to achieve your goals – whether that’s boosting your sales, transforming the attitude of your team or getting to grips with changes in the workplace. And, we know that it takes more than workshops, training and coaching to succeed. There is a process to change and performance improvement and the Brightstone approach is to be with you every step of the way…

Brightstone has considerable experience working at all levels within many companies delivering outstanding results and here is why:

  • Support and Development – we’re keen to work with you to achieve even greater results with and through your people.
  • Change – we encourage and support a positive mindset, increased knowledge and development of skills.
  • Clear – we have a strong ability to translate strategy into meaningful action by keeping things clear and simple.
  • Integrity – we provide regular, honest and appropriate feedback to our customers.
  • Inspiration and fun – we achieve positive growth through a creative learning experience.
  • Empowerment – we empower change in others and encourage accountability and responsibility.
  • Passion – we love what we do!

What we can do for YOU

Everyone who approaches Brightstone has their own reasons or problems to solve. Our years of experience mean we understand different dilemmas and scenarios. With this in mind, all our programmes, workshops and services are created especially for YOU and your individual circumstances.

Our team specialise in designing and delivering the following tailor-made programmes:

“We understand human behaviour – results come from changing habit.”

Richard Dunstan, Brightstone

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