Project Description

Making positive changes for the Libraries Service

Brightstone Success Story: Brighton & hove library service

One of Brightstone’s best moments was when they worked with Sally McMahon, Head of Service for the Libraries Services for Brighton and Hove City Council. Together they delivered a change improvement programme over a 24-month period with and through her leadership team. The programme started with a thorough cultural review of the Libraries Service. At this point, Brightstone had to deliver some honest and hard-hitting messages, especially for the senior and middle-management teams.

‘Renewal’ in action

Richard and his team then prepared a bespoke change improvement programme called ‘Renewal’. This included consultative meetings, workshops and development activities for the library senior and middle-management team. This was delivered to Sally and senior members of staff and then cascaded to the rest of the team. To get a real idea of the changes and performance improvement you only have to look at the results from two staff surveys at the Libraries Service that were conducted by Brightstone at the beginning of the consultation then 18 months later. There were positive improvements in the result for every question asked – Sally and her team had spectacularly upped their game!

The results

  • 93 per cent of the team understand the vision and goals (was 76 per cent)

  • 98% of the team understand what’s expected of them (was 84%)
  • 75% believe they’re given the training to do their job well (was 56%)
  • 68% think that the organisation works hard to make the role challenging and interesting (was 45%)
  • 68% are looking for a long-term career (was%)
  • 95% will be working here in 6 months time (was 89%)
  • 85% don’t come here just for the money (was 79%)
  • 84% believe they’re given the freedom to do their job well (was 67%)
  • 68% get the information to do the job well when needed (was 52%)
  • 77% believe that their manager helps them to perform to the best of their ability (was 62%)
  • 69% think their manager knows how to motivate them (was 53%)
  • 59% believe communication between management and the teams is good (was 36%)
  • 53% believe they are regularly recognised for their performance (was 38%)
  • 63% believe they work in an open honest environment (was 40%)
  • 75% believe they’re given respect in their role (was 53%)