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Richard is a born communicator and understands the ways in which the way we behave has an effect on everything we do. He also owns a dog and reckons you can show an old dog new tricks!

What are the benefits of team building events?

We have all heard about those company team building days where the whole team goes out on an adventure somewhere, completes a challenge together or spends a little time getting to know each other.  You may have thought about doing this for your team, but stumble when you find you can't answer the [...]

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CEO Challenge 2015 – What’s on the agenda?

The 'CEO Challenge 2015' was a survey produced by The Conference Board, conducted across 943 business leaders in 2015. The survey was looking to provide insight into the strategic and tactical priorities of CEO's worldwide, and the results show that they are putting their people and high-performance cultures at the top of their [...]

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How to change the culture of your organisation

Culture change within an organisation is one of the most difficult and complex tasks that management may be required to complete. Culture change requires the breaking and re-modelling of deeply embedded behaviours, a task management must be prepared to lead by example, requiring them to change their own behaviour more quickly than their [...]

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How to make your service team more commercially-minded

Many leaders in public sector organisations are now talking about ways to create a more commercially driven mindset across their teams. Budget cuts and shrinking resources faced by local authorities have led to a greater need for income generation and creating efficiencies across services. So how do you turn your public sector team [...]

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Improving customer service in an ‘I want it now’ culture

We recently wrote about the demands of customers in the modern world and how advances in technology and 24-hour access to services has created a ‘demand it now’ culture. We know, even from personal experience, that we feel unsatisfied when we don't get what we want, so how do service organisations improve customer [...]

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Sales is a Dirty Word

“They’re a good sales person, they could sell ice to the Eskimos." That is a line I used to hear all the time. The problem is Eskimos (these days, it’s more acceptable to call these peoples Inuit anyway) don’t want ice, because they’ve got plenty of it, and as consumers we’re becoming a [...]

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The Demands of Customers Now

“I want it, I want it now and I want it easy!” A rapid improvement in smart technology and 24-hour access to information, products and services has created a ‘demand it now’ culture. So, when we don’t get ‘it’ bang on time, what happens and how do we feel? The answer: not satisfied. [...]

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Talking about a Revolution

“I prefer strawberries and apples in my smoothie, my partner swaps the apple for a banana – each to their own I say! So, we all prefer our own blend…” Learning to Learn Advances in behavioural science and technology mean that we’re on the cusp of a learning revolution. Many organisations [...]

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