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The Tools & Logistics of taking an L&D Programme Online

We have been spending a lot of time recently reworking our training & development programmes to ensure they work just as effectively in a virtual world. The first major component is to understand how we can ensure that learning is actually taking place as effectively in a virtual setting, and how we can [...]

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How we adapted our learning programmes for online delivery

For nearly a year, we have been delivering our learning & development programmes almost entirely online. It has of course been a learning curve for everyone, but there have been some key takeaways for us at Brightstone and some fantastic tools which have made the process easier. For us, there were two big [...]

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Covid-19 and Virtual Learning Delivery

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant having to change the way we deliver our coaching, training and performance improvement programs, moving from on-site face-to-face activities to virtual learning and remote working, pretty much overnight. There is lots to consider for a virtual learning programme, from technology implications to learner engagement. We are fortunate to [...]

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Improve your time management skills

What is it and why does it matter? Time management is something we talk about a lot with our clients, because it is so fundamental to the success of nearly everything! We have all heard the phrase, “time is money” – its true! Poor time management in just one employee can waste [...]

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Getting employee engagement right

Recently we wrote a blog reflecting on the Simon Sinek TED Talk “starting with why”, discussing why starting with why is so important to the success of a leader or an organisation. Starting with ‘why?’ means looking at the sole reason for why you do business; your goals, your values, your vision and [...]

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Kids are back at school – time to focus again!

We have finally reached the time most of us parents have been longing for during those long summer weeks – back to school! Don’t misunderstand us – we love our kids and we absolutely love spending time with them! However, the long school holiday does mean our work productivity can take a bit [...]

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How great leaders inspire action – TED Talk by Simon Sinek

We have been watching the well-known TED Talk by Simon Sinek titled “How great leaders inspire action”, a video which has had over 46 million views at the time of writing and is one of the most popular TED Talks of all time. In this TED Talk, Simon talks about what it really [...]

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The latest gender pay gap statistics

The gender pay gap hit headlines in 2018 when it was revealed the UK had an average gender pay difference of 9.1%. So what are the latest gender pay gap statistics in 2019? What is the gender pay gap? The gender pay gap is the percentage difference between men’s and women’s median [...]

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How can mindfulness workshops increase staff resilience?

Mindfulness is the process of understanding our own minds to help us focus on the present, improve our awareness of the world around us and ultimately, to develop methods to ensure our continued mental wellbeing. Studies on subjects ranging from students to US Marines have shown that mindfulness reduces stress and improves overall [...]

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How can you keep your team motivated in the summer?

Some organisations report a drop in productivity during the summer months. For some, this is purely anecdotal but it does seem that there is some evidence for this phenomenon. A study by the Captivate Network in the USA in 2012 found that workplace productivity between the months of June and August drops by [...]

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